What’s on?

Here it is, our IEC programme for the Spring semester of 2017! Keep checking this page through the term or follow the Club on Facebook.
30th January: Lunar New Year CelebrationThe year of the Rooster is coming. About 2 billion people will celebrate its arrival all over the world. How about you? Don’t miss the IEC’s Lunar New Year Celebration this year! Snacks, drinks and “Hong Bao” are ready for us to enjoy! 

6th February: African Night

Africa is a vast continent of many different peoples and cultures, of amazing beauty and rich history, unique traditions and surprising facts. This evening will give us a chance to learn more from our African friends at the IEC J.

13th February: Valentine’s Day

Roses, candlelit dinners and sweet words… Love is in the air! Tonight, two married couples will be put in the spotlight to answer all your questions concerning love, marriage and relationship. A great hit last year – and bear in mind, there is no such thing as a stupid question.  

20th February: One World Week Event at Brookes: Passport to the World

Come to the IEC and get a unique passport to travel around the world! With a mini World map and the IEC passport, we will travel from one country to another by visiting different parts of the room and learning about their unique foods, language, geography, art and crafts, people and lifestyle.

We will need to collect stamps in our passports from each country we visit by answering questions or dealing with challenges.

How many stamps will you be able to collect in the end? A special gift for the winner!

27th February: Pancake Day

A traditional British food always eaten at this time of year. Come and have a relaxed evening of messing around with the English language and enjoying eating pancakes together!

6th March: International Women’s Day

Do you have a Women’s Day in your country?

In Italy, to celebrate the day, men give yellow mimosas to women. In some other countries like Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, the custom of giving women flowers still prevails. In Vietnam, it is a must that schoolboys would sing or give some small gifts to schoolgirls. In Britain, many people do something special for their mothers on Mothering Sunday.

Let’s learn more about this special day and play some fun games to celebrate it!

13th March: Japanese Night

Sushi? Origami? Is that everything you know about this country? Japanese culture is much more than that! A taste of Japan in the middle of Oxford. Traditional games, food, and much, much more.

20th March: School Days – The Time Of Your Life???

We all spent our childhood years in school…but school life in every country is unique. Come and share your experiences, play some traditional games from the school playground and hear about what school is like in different countries.

27 March: Lights! Camera! Action! – Highlights from British Literature

Exam time, reading and more reading, so we decided that the best thing to talk about at IEC was books!?? Come and have some fun with some of the greatest literature in the world! From the Hobbit to Pride & Prejudice, from Winnie the Pooh to Shakespeare, relax a little in the pages of some very, very good books, and try out your acting talents too!

3rd April: Easter Traditions

Tonight, we will take the opportunity to look at Easter traditions in this and other countries. What happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

10th April: Easter Break: No IEC

17 April: Easter Break: No IEC

24 April: International Film Night

You might know the movie Harry Potter very well. However, have you ever heard of “Three Idiots”, or “Enter the Dragon”? How well you can recognize some popular Korean movie stars? Come to the IEC to explore more films around the world, and share with us some of your favourites!

1st May: Bank Holiday: No IEC

8th May: (To be updated)

15th May: Word Games

A relaxed evening of messing around with the English language. We will be playing Play-Doh Pictionary and other language-based games that will be both fun and educational.    

22nd May: (To be updated)

29th May: Bank Holiday: No IEC

5th June: IEC Farewell