What’s on?

Here it is, our IEC programme for the Autumn semester of 2017! Keep checking this page through the term or follow the Club on Facebook.

18th September: Getting to know you, and Round the world game.

A good chance to come along and make some new friends! We will also have the chance to travel the world with our round the world game. Will you be able to make it back home?

25th September: Things you never knew about Oxford. 

Oxford is an old city with unusual history. Come along to find out interesting and strange things about this city that you live in. 

 2nd October: Chocolate Fondue. 

Come along to eat Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate. 

9th October: Understanding the English….and some mooncake 

The English seem very strange….I wonder if you have thought that since moving to the U.K. Come along to try and find out why. We will also be eating some Mooncake! 

16th October: Fun with English Idioms

It’s raining cats and dogs. Barking up the wrong tree. Let the cat out the bag. Confused..? Come and learn some fun ways that you can use the English language. 

23rd October: Scottish night

Scotland was recently voted the most beautiful place to visit on the earth. Famous for whisky and haggis, bagpipes and ceilidhs, tartan and kilts. Come and learn more about this wonderful part of the U.K. 

30th October: The Great Marble Race

A game which tests your creativity and engineering skills, as well as being great fun! How far can you transport a marble with old bits of cardboard and milk cartons. 

6th November: A Failed plot to kill a King

Why are there so many fireworks at this time of year? Come and find out about the history of the the gunpowder plot. And the way the British people celebrate it. 

13th November: African night

Africa is a huge continent with thousands of different cultures and people groups. Come and find out a bit more about Kenya, Morocco, and Ghana. 

20th November: Thanksgiving

Turkeys, Sweet Potatoes – it must be thanksgiving. Come along and enjoy this tradition from the USA. (It is also celebrated in Canada). 

27th November: School days

My favourite game to play at school was football. Or maybe cops and robbers. What was yours? Come and share your memories from school, and join in some games! 

4th December: Christmas traditions

Christmas tree? KFC? Yule Log? BBQ on the Beach? How do different people celebrate Christmas. And where does the celebration come from? Come and find out.  

11th December: Christmas party

The final IEC of term, and a chance to celebrate with a Christmas party.