• When and where is it?                                                                                            The IEC takes place from 7.45pm to 9.45pm on Mondays in the Garden Room, Welbeing Department, ground floor of the Buckley Building, Gypsy Lane Campus. (If you stand facing the JHB building with your back to the road, the entrance is just behind Starbucks on your left).                 

  • Who is running this?                                                                                              The International English Club is a joint venture between the Oxford Brookes University Chaplaincy, and the charity Friends International. All team members are volunteers from local churches and university Christian societies, who have applied and been approved by the chaplaincy.
  • Is this officially part of the university?                                                                     It is a joint project, being both part of the services offered by the Oxford Brookes University Chaplaincy, which is part of the Wellbeing Department, and also as a community project staffed by volunteers from the local area, many of whom are not staff or students at Brookes.
  • Is this for Christian students only?                                                                       No. All international students at Oxford Brookes University are very welcome, regardless of race, nationality or religion. The club is not a religious meeting and we wholeheartedly welcome all international students from any faith background or none.
  • What do you mean by ‘international students’?                                                 Any student who is coming to study at Brookes from another country outside Britain, whether from the EU or elsewhere.
  • Why are you doing this?                                                                                         We realise that it is often difficult to make friends and settle down in a new country. Many of our team have lived overseas themselves and know what it is like to be a stranger in a foreign country. It is also an important principle of the Christian faith to welcome the stranger, to offer friendship and hospitality.                                         But as much as anything else, we ENJOY meeting people from all over the world. We feel it makes our lives richer to meet people from many different backgrounds. Also, we want you to have a positive, enjoyable experience during your time in this country, so that you need never feel alone and without friends in Oxford.
  • I am uncomfortable attending some of the social activities other students are involved in. Will the International English Club be more suitable for me?        We hope so. We are aware that some students coming from overseas do not really want to join in some of the activities that many British students like, either because those activities involve drinking lots of alcohol, or because there is unsuitable food, or simply because it is hard for some international students to feel they fit it. Our aim in International English Club is to build friendships and have a good time without offending people’s cultural values. It is a great place just to get to know people!
  • I am from a non-English background, but I am a British citizen, so I am a local, rather than international student. Is the International English Club for me?      It depends really on whether you feel that the UK is not your home country. Really the International English Club is not for British students as there are plenty of activities that they can be involved with. Come and try it and see what you think!