About Us

The International English Club is a joint venture between the Oxford Brookes University Chaplaincy, and the charity Friends International. All international students at Oxford Brookes University are very welcome, regardless of age, race, nationality or religion. Although it is run by Christian people from local churches, the club is not a religious meeting and we wholeheartedly welcome all international students from any faith background or none.

The Club meets each Monday throughout the Brookes semester at 7.45pm to 9.45pm in the Garden Room (room 20) in the Welbeing Department on the ground floor of the Buckley Building. (as you are facing the JHB building from the road, the entrance is just behind Starbucks on your left). Check the programme for more information about start and finish dates!


What the club offers:

  • A weekly event on campus to practise English, relax, have some fun, meet local people and make friends.
  • A chance to find out more about life in the UK, its culture and its people.
  • Trips and special events for anyone interested.

What the club is NOT:

  • It is not another English lesson!
  • It is not a religious meeting.
  • It is not a wild party for drinking alcohol.
  • It is not a club for British students, except those who are part of the club team.



International English Club